Visual Presentation Takes over the Communication Field


Since today is a Monday, and many among us were able to attend religious fellowship over the weekend, let us talk about a technology that has been made highly popular by the church lately. It has been around locally for years, yet many just miss its importance and value. This technology is known as the data presentation screen.

Due to the development of technology, it is becoming more necessary for all areas of society not to be found wanting, the church included. While many may argue about various deeds that they don’t deem “religious” like dancing, dress code, music types, gender ministry among dozens other, technologies like the microphone, sound mixer, camera and projector have been embraced with evident zeal.

By Phinias Shonayi

Personally, I have had the priviledge to attend dozens of events, from corporate to religious, entertainment to sport; and in most of these, the projector has been one component that is prevalently growing in them.
The projector is a gadget whose major function is to… well, project or allow data to be viewed by many people at the same time, on one or more huge screens. It’s a magnifier of data by the presenter or speaker for crowd viewing.

In the case of the church, it serves a number of roles, and among them:
i. Beaming of song lyrics sung by the choir.
ii. Projection of scripture and sermon notes.
iii. Giving of announcement.
iv. To determine or direct a desired atmosphere.

The most common software used in churches with the screen is known as EasyWorship. Easyworship is a platform that enables all the above functions to be beamed to the screen with the simplest effort.

Presentation screens have become a common thing with companies that desire to advertise their product and / or service. It is a very strong way to advertise, as the initial factor that catches a human being’s attention is what they see. Perception is a major player to decision making, with many clients being drawn each day to use services only because of the image they experienced of that particular product.

Paper and radio advertising have taken the less efficient tag, as banners, billboards and LCD screens are the way to go, attracting pedestrians, motorists and even hospital patients alike.
Even in many bars today, the TV is set louder than the radio, as the revelers’ favourite teams battle it out on the screen. Surely, no further evidence can be required to prove the power of the picture!

Colorful pictures and simple words are the best way to portray a brand today; if it’s dull and complicated it’s just like making faces to an enemy in the dark, he doesn’t see it!
The loudest voice has become the clearest picture, taking special note of the mobile operator wars current taking place for subscribers in Zimbabwe.

It was just last Thursday, when NetOne was seen setting up the frame for an advertising screen they will be setting up shortly. The screen will be along Rotten Row road, opposite the Rainbow Towers entrance, midway up the NetOne building.
Though facts about the development are still pocketed, we were able to gather that one company, Woodruff Cellular Services was hired for the frame installation job, and the screen would be fitted by a separate firm.

This move is the biggest and latest aggressive advertising move by a Telecomm operator in the country, and clearly a BIG budget has been drawn for the strategically positioned screen.

It really is fun to see the adverts companies have put up, just so they get ahead of their competition and attract more customers. It’s surely become a jungle of colour out there, the prey being the consumers and the predators being the advertisers; yet the food chain can only be seen by the artistic eye.

Graphic designing and branding is one skill every further-looking company must employ today as the marketing of a product is just as important as service delivery and customer care skills.
And to that end, many consultation companies have been formed, just for the sake of the creatively challenged among us.

Please share the most “talkative” advert banner or screen you have seen lately in your community in the comments section below.

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