Virtual one-stop ad shop links media houses with advertisers

Since the brink of the new millennium, technology has been rapidly evolving. This goes to show that change is desirable, inevitable and sometimes not easy to come along.

We all can agree that the last decade has seen evolution and advancement in technology which is evidenced by increase in network coverage, invention of high speed fiber optic network, widespread use of smart phones among other developments which led to high rate of internet penetration.

By Marvelous Chibagidi

It against this background that MediaBox came to existence, with the underlying objective to augment convenience in the media industry through automated order submission, creative submission, campaign management, order fulfillment and provision of information that is helpful when making advertising decisions.

MediaBox is a web application that you can access at where publishers virtually meet and interact with advertisers.

The mastermind behind this application is Simbarashe Mukorera a young man from Harare.

With the application basically the publisher creates an account on the platform and upload all the inventory / ad spaces available. The publisher manages the inventory, adds or removes or adjust the uploaded inventory.

The publisher provides statistics about the inventory such as reach/readership, viewership, listener-ship, Facebook subscription, and any other statistics that is useful when making advertising decisions.

The advertiser can then select and buy the advertising ad from the publisher of their choice given the inventory statistics against their intended reach and budget. The advertiser can then engage and send their creative using the platform to the publisher.

“Upon creating an account on the platform (MediaBox), in the first quarter of partnership, we
promise the following an increase in the number of new local advertisers, an increase in the number of international advertisers, reduced time from engaging the publisher and sending the creative and as well reduced
cost on the side of advertiser (your customer), thus prompting for more adverts , a general increase in adverts requests for all your advertising platforms, implying a general increase in revenue, said Simba.

“So these are the reasons why one has to sign up with media box so as to meet with publishers and advertisers on a virtual space so at the end of the day both parties gain something. Mediabox is revolutionizing the process of buying advertising space by automating trading and removing middlemen.”

How does one use media box?

Step 1:  As it features a catalogue search first  an advertiser can search for any publishers that are set up in the system.

Step 3 :The Campaign Selecting the Ad spaces that interests them from the publishers’ inventory brings the advertiser to the campaigns creation page .This page allows for the configuration of campaign details such as start and end date and advert submission Having done that a request is automatically generated for the publisher.

Finally. All the publisher has to do is approve the proposal If the approval is in favor of the advertiser they can go ahead and make the order The system shows a preview of the order along with the terms and conditions associated with that order The advertiser can now submit the order and proceed to make payment through the platform no need to visit the publisher’s office.

Mediabox is  committed to delivering maximum value to its clients helping them succeed in a constantly changing and challenging business world and their fundamental company values stem from understanding that their success is tied with the success of our clients .

Their major principle is that they are committed to becoming your long term ,trusted partner, earn client’s trust and confidence.

So Mediabox is the way to go if you aim to have a greater reach as it is a  one-stop for all advertising content. Whether you need to market your product or brand in your favourite newspaper ,magazine ,online ,in plane just about anywhere Mediabox has you covered with its premium catalog of publishers for you to choose from with known availability ,known prices.You can filter through publishers based on price, country platform ,industry ,target audience and more to find the exact publishers that match your target audience and or budget.


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