Virtual One-Stop Ad Shop Goes Regional


Zimbabwean based developer has tweaked his existing advertising solution to cater for broader audience through automation of various advertisers collaborating them into one platform.

Looking for a channel to advertise a product can be a daunting task. Whether you are a bigger corporate or a small to medium enterprise it is nerve wrecking to look for all mediums that can possibly be appropriate to advertise your product this can either be television,newspapers, magazines, billboards to mention only but a few.

Founder Simba Mukokera saw an opportunity to not only be innovative but to solve this problem through AdSpaces. Previously referred to as MediaBox before it got rebranded, AdSpaces is a platform that offers customers a listing service of all advertisers that they can pick from.

To date, the Automated advertisement channel has expanded its operations to South Africa in a bid to expand their operational plan across the continent and beyond to enable access to advertisement channels beyond borders.

Speaking to TechnoMag, AdSpace Founder Simba Mukorera said the organisation’s vision is to become a one stop solution in advertising across the continent.

“We aim to span our operations across the continent, and so far we are in Zimbabwe and South Africa,”he said.

The platform is a revolutionary digital solution that transforms the way conventional advertisement is done through democratizing the relevant information and easing reach between service providers and prospective clients.

It is a web based platform that facilitates the process of discovering advertisement service providers and their respective product offerings under various marketing categories through to the creation and running of ad campaigns.

Mukorera said the platform would allow customers to spend less time looking for appropriate advertisers.

“The whole process that can take several hours to days using the conventional methods will be compacted to a couple of minutes through this efficiency leveling platform,” he said

“Currently the advertising industry has no ubiquitous and scalable automated solution that integrates the whole ad discovery and campaign launch process like what AdSpace is bringing on board,”.

AdSpaces is ideal for both clients and advertisers, as it brings both of them together- the former looking for a service and the latter offering that service.

In summary the platform brings the benefit of ubiquity to the advertising users as well as the publishers. Clients can quickly discover service providers listed on the platform, insights on the publisher’s audience, reach and impressions, the nature of content published as well as pricing information.

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