Video Of The Week: "We are Not Going Back On 4G" Econet


We asked Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Chief Commercial and Customer Services officer Mr Stanley Henning recently during an exclusive TechnoMag video interview, why Econet would want to run 4G or speculate on 5G, when we still did not have 3G fully covering Zimbabwe he said all the main centres in Zimbabwe are already fully covered under the technology.
“Currently we have slightly more than 20 sites already running the Long term Evelotuion, (LTE) and we about to double the sites according the customer demands, the chances of beating the 100% demands are possible.
Because we do not have 4g phones or LTE enabled readily available in Zimbabwe (just some few really even world wide) the alternative is a 4g dongle and a simcard.” He said
We also questioned the economics for Econet to be going that direction in Zimbabwe if it is going to be a profitable move or at all sustainable.
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Nicole Madziwa

Econet Forging Ahead With 4G and 5G Implementation in Zimbabwe

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