Video : How Do You Rate This Facebook Prank?

Forget tagging someone in a dodgy photo or hijacking their status updates, if you really want to prank your Facebook friends, this is how to do it.

Online prankster Tom Mabe has uploaded a new video showing how to trick your Facebook buddies using a simple and sneaky ruse.

At first he asks his online followers to describe Kim Kardashian in one word, which inevitably gets some strong and harsh responses.

He then slyly uses the site’s edit function, which allows users to change the original post but keep the comments, to ask a different question.

His altered post reads: ‘Hey guys it’s my beautiful daughters 10th birthday, she’s so precious…

‘What should I write on her birthday cake?’

And with some of the original comments in place, new viewers are outraged that some of Tom’s friends could be so cruel, ending in hilarious responses.


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