#ZimStartUps: UZ To Host Innovations Seminar

The UZ Christian Union Projects and Development  will host the ”Design Thinking Process to Innovation and Inventions Seminar” to be held at the University of Zimbabwe on Saturday the April 8 from 9AM-3PM.

The seminar is aiming to address the following: Design Thinking Process: how to  extract/identify a problem and turn it into an income generating solution, Tapping into ICT wealth/The mobile applications niche, Different available funding opportunities for ICT startsups/entrepreneurs. The seminar is actually the debut and people attending the seminar get the chance of witnessing the launch of a mobile application called ”SayIt’.

By Marvelous Chibagidi

The seminar comes at a time when tech startups are on the rise and gaining recognition as we get to know and appreciate the rich tech field we have which is simply lacking investment.The seminar targets all students and entrepreneurs who want to venture into technology related business.

TechnoMag got to talk to one of the organizers Energy Kawaza who said ,”For us to become regonisable, we ought to be innovative hence we thought of imparting the entreprenurial spirit in the people, this was the main motivation behind organizing the forthcoming seminar.”

Attendees are in for a treat as there will be great and high profile speakers from the industry who will be facilitating the seminar and this is a networking, marketing and growth platform for all it is truly an investment.

Tickets for the seminar are going for $2 for students and $5 for non-students. To be able to display and market your products you simply have to buy yourself the display table ticket which is going for $10.The last tickets on sale are the ones for the SMEs or companies which are $20 and the package includes a display table and your companies logo on the UZ posters.

Do not worry about getting hungry or thirsty because the Design Thinking Process To Innovation and Inventions seminar has the full package, lots of creative thinking ,food and refreshments.

For more information Call/WhatsApp

Energy Kawaza : 0776877659   Lynete Simango : 0784309730   Vongai Mutede : 0739148126


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