UZ Law Student Develops Virtual Library App

Zimbabwe has a literacy rate of over 90 percent making it the second highest country in Africa in terms of literacy. However, lack of virtual learning platforms has had an negative impact on the quality of students colleges and universities produce. 
There are so many e Learning portals in the country for example, Ruzivo powered by Econet Wireless, and  eLearning Solutions which was launched in 2014 which offers courses at just $2. We were yet to come across a virtual library to save bookworms the pressure and embarrassment of getting on-demand books.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

Karim Subeli, a Law Student at the University of Zimbabwe has come up with a smartphone application called Imasuccess inspired by the library crisis in the country. He exhibited and pitched his application at the ZIM ICT Innovation Fund held in Harare about a fortnight ago.

 Imasuccess team at an exhibition somewhere in Zimbabwe

Imasuccess team at an exhibition somewhere in Zimbabwe

To Karim, the days of traditional libraries are coming to an end now.

“Digital media is fast replacing print media and it is only right keep abreast with such trends. You no longer have to wait for the weekend to trade in books at the library or wait your turn to get that one book in demand. Let’s talk statistics a bit.

“It’s not rocket science that there is inadequate supply of study material for students in the country leading to deteriorating pass rates across subjects. According to ZIMSEC, there is a recorded average pass rate of 14.8% from 1998 and 2014 in O Level exams and out of a total of 7324 ‘private candidates’ only 4217 had 2 subjects or better in A Level November results in 2015,” said Karim.

According to Karim, these numbers have potential of improving especially if we embrace the internet age in Africa.
Karim explained that his application is a crolatform allowing students access to study materials.

“This is a virtual library in the comfort of your home! Imasuccess has a learning application that makes studying convenient and instant. Your class shifts from your desk mates to a virtual group which makes sharing of information easier.
“The platform provides an extensive database of local content according to the updated syllabus with questions and answers according to educational regulatory bodies. The App flexibility allows you to create your own study time table and to do list,” he said.
The facility doesn’t end when you’re done with your ‘O’ or ‘A’ Level, no. There are scholarships listed on the application. Universities and schools ranked with physical addresses, websites, email and phone numbers can be accessed on the app. With 1000 users on the app, at such such an affordable package, why not give it a try?

“As we always stress,the uniqueness of imasuccess is not only in the technology but also on the fact that its an app made by students for students.
“But however this was strenuous and time consuming task as you had to visit different website and then filter the info to sync it with Zim syllabus,” said Karim.
Download the brochure and visit for more and download the application or contact +263 779 083 353 | +263 775 146 077. Imasuccess, learning made easy!

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