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US$300 Million BeitBridge Border Post-Facelift Better Than South Africa Side – Official


US$300 Million BeitBridge Border Post-Facelift Better Than South Africa Side – Official‏

The recent US$300 million face lift at Beit Bridge Border Post is set to make it more efficient and better in appearance compared to well-off South Africa’s Mesina, according to an official from the Ministry of transport and Infrastructural Development Mr Jarawani Kangara.

Beit Bridge got the US$300 million facelift after years of poor administration as a result of obsolete buildings, pot-holed roads and archaic systems that had normalised delays for travellers coming in or going to South Africa.

A provincial roads engineer in the transport ministry, Mr Kangara said the work being done at Beit Bridge could not be compared to what is being done on the South African side, which is also getting rehabilitated.

Dualisation of roads leading out and into the town, being done by Bitumen World is also nearing completion, with the third phase of the three phased reconstruction expected to have been finished by October this year.

“I was at Mesina two weeks ago and you cannot compare the work there to what we are doing here, even the border there. Our border is nicer than the South African side. We are doing a good job,” said Kangara

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