#MondayBlues: (Video) Retired Top CIO, Potraz DG To Speak Out

We are going to be broadcasting live from Masvingo,  a one one interview with Retired Central Intelligence Officer, (CIO)  Director of administration and finance, who is now the Director General for Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe, POtraz, Dr Gift Machengete.

There was a national outcry on data bundles, few weeks after his appointment as Potraz DG, Potraz has failed to occupy its building 5 years later costing millions of dollars, he has a top security background which many allege he was planted by government to control the movement of information and more importantly,  Zimbabwe doubt if at all he is qualified to run this dynamic sector.

The future of the sector hangs in balance as we do not when more data wars will erupt, and more importantly where he is driving the sector towards. 

We take him head on with these questions

Join us Live at 1700 hrs from our facebook page 


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