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Gtel have had  their flagship smartphone Phablet, the X2 in the market for a long time now while they have still managed to keep the market excited, contesting at par against international giants like The Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet, Samsung note 3 Sony Ericson XPERIA Z and Huawei`s Ascend mate.

Simply put a Phablet is a phone which has a size just between a smart Phone and a tABLET hence the name Phablet.

Although  all these gadgets are coming in with various specs and advantages to heavily compete against each other in the Phablet market, The Gtel Phablet, X2 has attracted so much attention  in the Zimbabwean market buoyed with a flexible price tag..

Looking on the pros first, the X2 Phablet scores high on battery life for such a huge device armed with a 3200mAh battery, lasting over 24-48hrs of straight heavy usage of Gaming, online video streaming, browsing  or playing music. This probably will make it a darling of many as battery life gives so much convenience for anyone on the go.

It makes multitasking with ease on the go feasible with good memory chip of 2g RAM and backup storage of 16g internal Hard drive,

On stability,  we completely did not have to restart the Gtel  Phablet from the unusual overheating freeze which some competing devices succumb to. It sailed through well even when we deliberately multi tasked the MT6589T Cortex-A7 1.5GHz Quad core processor.[c attid=”4850″ aption id=”attachment_4850″ align=”aligncenter” width=”1024″]Robert Gonye Gtel`s Head of Marketing Robert Gonye Gtel`s Head of Marketing [/caption]

Running a plethora of background apps and services plus demanding real time performance on the front end will automatically lead to dragging or crashing amongst substandard smart phones, a sign that the device needs more memory to work on requests or probably a much faster processor.

Its processor can  easily withstand strenuous activity and  they managed to surround it with proper cooling technologies cushioning users against the infamous overheating issues hence redefining stability.

We have continuously reviewed various local gadgets made by Zimbabwean phone companies and Gtel`s 5.7” Phablet has indeed the interesting specs and features but with one major disappointment too to spoil their  party

The Bad

While the camera takes equally perfect still picture quality during daylight, clear shots even indoors,   for a 13mp back camera, the dimensions do not equally stretch to meet the properties of such high quality pictures for a high end phone and on default settings the picture quality may lack precision.

The camera has toggle settings to reach High definition  features which if not activated by default makes many to miss this rich feature which when activated will help one to capture memorable experiences.

The beauty & the beast

The worst thing ever on the Phablet probably to most females is the weight and  size, to those who are really concerned about the weight then this is a sure worry as the gadget really comes in with extra muscles.

While in Contrary the 163.5×81.3×7.95mm phone weighs slightly  above an average phablet, to most males the weight may be appealing as it adds on its stature.

However on the display screen, they could have hit the jackpot with a much deeper screen density resolution with much higher Dots Per Inch, Dpi pixels to bring out the beast out of the gadget.

Armed with a 1.5 quad core processor, 16g storage, plus 5mp front camera and 13 at the back, the Phablet has managed to position itself as a force to reckon with amongst other Phablets house hold names at relatively affordable payment terms.

Price will always become the ultimate decider for most gadget lovers when specifications have failed to completely pick an outright winner.

Gtel has probably mastered this simple concept of buy now ,pay later enabling them to push hundreds of units to the market, an edge they will always have above all the international players in the sector.

Nicole Madziwa

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