Understanding Khuluma, The Gtel- Telecel Pact


Finally, Zimbabwe is seeing a duet, between mobile hardware manufactures and mobile network operators, come together to give so much value to the subscriber , based on their service provision, a move which other international carriers have used to bolster their sales, for a long time now.

 Local device manufacturer G-Tel recently partnered with Telecel Zimbabwe on a project branded Khuluma. The two packages are offering different sets of phones with contracts valid for 365 days.

By Gift Chirauro

With their predecessor, G-Tel MX1 still making it big in the mobile market, the company has decided to launch yet another master piece of a device, SL 5, 5. This new G-Tel baby did not arrive alone but accompanied by one of the fastest growing mobile network company, Telecel Zimbabwe.


Telecel and G-Tel decided to make noise and indeed they have made it with their resounding partnership. Specific G-Tel handsets are now coming with a service named Khuluma. This package will see Gtel purchasers enjoying a Telecel services for free for a certain period of time.

“As G-Tell family we want our customers to communicate thereby having this package,” saidHead of sales and Marketing Robert Gonye. He added that Telecel and G-Telhave seen it crucial to come up with this plan so as continue providing customers with the services worthy their money.

The Khuluma package is available on two platforms which are Khuluma 365 Gold and the Khuluma 365 Platinum divided based on selected types of G-Tel handset and the benefits to come through with Telecel.

“We would like to say to the G-Tel fans out there who want to communicate there is the solution that comes your way,” saidTelecel Zimbabwe High Value Segment Manager Lawrence Kupika. He added that, what is needed is to buy a G-Tel phone and get the rest for absolutely free.

Gold is for entry level to medium range phones such as the Andy Pro, Vivo, Ace and Infinity S that have monthly premiums that range from $24 to $36 .With this package, G-Tel customers are guaranteed 80 minute voice calls worthy $19, 65 SMS worthy $6, WhatsApp bundles worthy $2, 85, 15MB data bundle worthy $2 and the Telecare. This package is valued at $30 but with courteous of Telecel and G-Tel it is to come for free.

In addition, there is also the Khuluma Platinum which is to come with a bit different package depending on the handset purchased. The package comes with 150 minutes voice calls worthy $35, 140 SMS worthy $12, 50, WhatsApp worthy $2, 85, 20MB data worthy $2, 50 and Telecare. This package is valued at $54 but once one purchases a G-Tel phone he/she will get it for free.

“What G-Tel and Telecel is made of is the ability to offer the customers unparalleled value for their money such that we remain loyal to each other,” said Kupika. He added that, what is needed is to appreciate the successful effort to bring all the services under one roof.

“We realised that G-Tel and Telecel shares the same values of giving our dear customers the value for their money,” said Director at Telecel Ntombizodwa Chinyenze. She added that, this has pushed the two partners to come up with a variety of handsets and the Khuluma package.

The credit plan is available to anyone formally employed or with consistent income as well as anyone who had bought a G-Tel phone from the 1st of October 2014. The Khuluma package will be available from all Telecel stores and through distribution outlets at Zimpost, Spar and Moonlight.


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