(Unbelievable!!) Sickweather App Tracks Then Alerts You Of Nearby Illnesses

With flu season fast approaching and holiday travelers carrying germs throughout the world, it sure would be nice to know what kind of illnesses are nearby. As Mashable reported, an app called Sickweather wants to give you that information on your iPhone, using your current location.

Download the free Sickweather app from the App Store, designate which viruses and conditions you want to be alerted of, and let the app do the rest.

By scanning social networks for mentions of specific illnesses while filtering out redundant phrases or random uses of the word “sick” (and the like), Sickweather is able to plot where the plague has occurred on a map. When you approach an area marked on the map, you’ll receive an alert of the illness and when it was last reported.

Those who don’t use an iOS device can also view an interactive map by visiting Sickweather.com or by using the Sickweather Facebook app.

source: Cnet

Nicole Madziwa

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