#FridayHacks: How To Type Bold,Italic And Strikethrough Text Using Whatsapp Chat

Over the years WhatsApp has taken social media by storm and one must admit that it seems to get better and better with even more features that come with a latest version.

This article will show you how to can step up your WhatsApp game. Further, it shows you how you can write down rich text in a conversation.


By Marvelous Chibagidi

It is funny though that at times so many of the users do not know some of the features.One might have received a WhatsApp message which was in bold text or Italics or even some strikethrough text. These are actually some of the features of that could help you be able to put emphasis on text which needs emphasis.

Different from typing say with a program like Microsoft Word where one has to follow commands like Ctrl+B or Ctrl+L one has to put certain characters before and after the particular text.In order to type in bold in a WhatsApp conversation, simply add a ‘*’ symbol at the start and end of a word. For example, you’ll write *example* in order to type in bold.




To make words italics: type in (_) before and after the words. For example: if you want to send “hi” in italics, type in _hi_ and send. The text will then appear in italics.

You can use these features in WhatsApp Web also. So go ahead and spice up your chat and surprise your friends and colleagues by beautifying your text.



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