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Twitter to roll out new shopping feature


Twitter is trying out a new tool called “Twitter Shopping,” which allows businesses to post a shopping area at the top of their profiles.

The Shop Module is now available in the United States, and it has a carousel of products for visitors to browse.

Tapping a product will take you to a listing where you can buy it without ever leaving Twitter.

According to Twitter, the feature is only available on iOS devices for those who use the service in English.

At the top of the brand’s profile, users can scroll through a carousel of products.

Customers can select a product and pay for it on the retailer’s website by tapping on it.

The Shop Module test comes at a time when Twitter is looking for new ways to make money other from advertising. Twitter has revealed a paid subscription service with access to premium features, as well as plans to charge users for access to exclusive content and a Tip Jar feature for one-time payments, all within the last year.

The test is a follow-up to a previous attempt to offer shopping on Twitter. In 2015, the company experimented with a “Buy Now” button and product pages.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Pinterest have all implemented new features to transform their platforms into shopping sites.

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