Twitter To Offer More Context On Unavailable Tweets

It’s a little bit confusing when reading conversations on Twitter, and all of a sudden you realize some tweets are unavailable for reasons that are really not obvious. Twitter says it will soon offer users more context about unavailable tweets, rather than just presenting a wall of “This Tweet is unavailable” notices. 

Nevertheless, Tweets can be unavailable for a variety of reasons: they might contain a keyword that you’ve muted, an account’s tweets could be protected, or a tweet may have been deleted.

Responding to a question by The Verge, on how the notices would look like Twitter gave a rather vague response:

Alongside these changes, the social network says it now allows users to both retweet and retweet with comment without actually choosing either of the two.

There’s no public time frame for when this feature might become available, but it’s currently being tested with select users on the platform. Twitter says the new feature should become available “in a few weeks.”

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