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Twitter to introduce Topics feature

Just like how people can follow hashtags or topics on Instagram, Twitter is officially introducing a new feature that will have its users follow topics the same way that they follow individual accounts.

This feature will be available globally on November 13 according to Twitter reports. Instead of just seeing what’s trending the new feature will let users follow more than 300 areas of interest across subjects like fashion, sports and entertainment.

The social media giant is promising that the Topic tweets that users will see in their timeline will come from accounts with credibility as Twitter will get to check if an account normally tweets about that particular topic and the kind of engagement a tweet is getting from other users who also tweet about the topic.

“We know that the main reason that people come to Twitter is to keep up on the things that they’re interested in. The challenge is it’s quite difficult to do that on Twitter day-to-day”, said Rob Bishop speaking on the inspiration regarding the ew feature they will be introducing.

As Twitter is putting a ban to political ads, users should note that politics will not be on the list of topics to be included in the first batch. For the greater part of the year, Twitter has been focusing on improving user experience and making it easier for them to find what they are looking for at the same time controlling their experience.

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