Twitter Bosses Accused Of Marijuana Smoking


One of facebooks first investor Peter Thiel was on CNBC to mention the mismanagement of Twitter blaming it on marijuana smoking.
Peter Thiel quoted “Twitter is hard to evaluate. They have a lot of potential. It’s a horribly mismanaged company — probably a lot of pot-smoking going on there. But it’s such a solid franchise it may even work with all that,”.
There has been mixed feelings over this statement from Peter Thiel, one of Twitters early investor Mr B Sabet took it to his Twitter account and said : “I’ve never met Peter but this is so nasty, silly and wrong.”


Thiel is a libertarian known for contrarian views. He believes that too many entrepreneurial kids go to college. He wants to create a libertarian city state on a platform out at sea.
Given all that, former Twitter executive Jason Goldman also took it to Twitter and wrote “Yo how high were you when you decided to go live on an ocean platform. “No not like.It *is* Waterworld man.”

Regardless of all this allegation by Peter, Twitter has been performing very well on the stock exchange and the number of users are increasing so much. So if its pot thats causing this, they definately have a good reason to taking it.

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