Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe and Road Rules Ink Deal


The Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) and a local startup Road Rules have signed a game-changing Memorandum of Understanding which will see the former providing authentic Highway Code content to the latter.

This MOU comes at a time when members of the public are sitting for the Provisional Drivers License exams more than thrice due to misinformation from street booklets  sold in the streets. The marriage between Road Rules and TSCZ brings convenience to the public as they get the Government’s okayed material.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

Speaking to journalists after the signing ceremony, TSCZ managing director  Obio Chinyere said this MOU was motivated by the need to provide members of the public with the official Highway Codes.

“If you move around, there are so many  so-called booklets. If you move around there are so many questions to do with that Highway Code in terms of  learner driver. “Unfortunately sometimes the information you get in these street booklets is misleading hence the need for us to come up with this MOU where we are steering youngsters in this direction.
“You cannot stop technology, they (youths and members of the public) will be able download this app and get the correct information. Information that has been authorized by TSCZ, the Government agent which is mandated to come up with the highway code.

TSCZ MD Obio Chinyere and Road Rules Founder Tawanda Chikosi sign MOU

TSCZ MD Obio Chinyere and Road Rules Founder Tawanda Chikosi sign MOU

Chinyere also said there are authorised sellers for the Highway Code which include TSCZ, VID Offices, selected driving schools, and Zimpost.

“The government department to come up with training standards for the drivers hence we are very excited about this new app which has actually been brought up by youngsters. And by the way these are youngsters coming up with innovative ways of teaching road rules. So its very exciting,” said Chinyere.
The Road Rules boss said the MOU was structured for his startup to get legitimate material from TSCZ.
“The essence of this MOU comes from the fact that as a technology company we realise that there is a regulator for the industry its a driver for education for road safety  industry,” he said.
He also said this partnership comes at a time when Government is encouraging Private Public Partnerships.
“We felt it was a strategic fit in line with the government drive for Public Private sector partnerships and this is a typical example of one where the TSCZ provides us with the content and certifies the content that we then push out to the people through our mobile application Road Rules,” said Chikosi.

“In terms of why we decided to make it this way and move away from from the traditional legacy material is this is the 21st century and in developing countries technology can always be used to leap frog some of the challenges that we face in Zimbabwe is amass with some of these challenges as a developing country.

“If you take a look at the people we are targeting, these are the people with smartphones that are getting cheaper by the day . Anyone can use a smartphone and this is the value we found so this is why the TSCZ and us are saying let us give value in terms of driver education on their mobile phones,” said Chikosi.

The Road Rules application currently has over 25 000 users.

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