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After searching for the appropriate software esp (FREEwares), the internet at times seems to disapoint. Most software programmes are paid for or the free version comes with a trial period only.
The best way is just to pay for the right software that you want and you will not stress out but if you still want it for free.For most Zimbabweans, the software is quiet affordable but due to some problems or lack of payment systems online, there are many ways out there.
On the currently available payment systems i Zimbabwe please read this part.
One place you can get almost anything is through torrents!
This is a Distributed file sharing system which enables downloads from various computers simultaneously and it has the advantage of improved speeds. For one to be able to download files using torrents you need to install an application called Torrent Client that enables you to get data from various links on the internet. uTorrent, Vuze Bittorrent and Swarm Torrent client are examples of the Torrent Client Software.
There are websites that provide torrents file which can be seen with the .torrent extension and when you download the torrents files its like you have a kind of a key to initiating the process of downloading the actual file.

It is a key in the sense that it provides information about referenced content/files such as their names, sizes and folder structure. Depending on context, a torrent may be the torrent file or the referenced content. The difference between downloading using torrents and the usual way of downloading like using download managers is that torrents are not faced with problems of bottlenecks since they are decentralized and make use of the ability of people to network and share files.
The ordinary way of downloading creates inefficiency when many people want to obtain the same set of files from a single source at the same time. If there are too many people downloading a single file at the same time there will be bottle necks and the download speed will be reduced significantly. If the source is not online you will not be able to download anything.
In torrents if one source is not available then the torrent application looks for another source who is online. What happens is if UserA downloads a game or movie using torrents his computer will start to seed that file and UserB can also download that file from UserA. Now UserC who wants the same movie has two options either to download from UserA or UserB. It goes on like that until we have dozens of sources for a single file (movie). You do not need to be an expert to use torrents since the torrent application you install will do everything for you. It will look for file source, size and structure of the referenced content. If you can use Internet Download Managers then you can use torrents even though they operate differently.
With torrents each file to be distributed is divided into small information chunks called pieces. Downloading peers achieve rapid download speeds by requesting multiple pieces from different computers in the swarm. In this way, the burden on the network is spread among the downloaders, rather than concentrating at a central distribution hub or cluster.
As long as all the pieces are available, peers (downloaders and uploaders) can come and go; no one peer needs to have all the chunks, or to even stay connected to the swarm in order for distribution to continue among the other peers. A small torrent file is created to represent a bundle of files to be shared. . Someone interested in receiving the bundle of files first obtains the corresponding torrent file. The user then opens that file and BitTorrent application, automates the rest of the process. To download movies, games, softwares e.t.c using torrents you need to install a software called utorrent . After that you visit website that contains torrent files like and search for the movie you want.

Disclaimer: Torrents
1.Downloads take lots of bandwitdh as the files are ussually not compressed.
2. (Most) of the software may be pirated and TechnoMag is, or will not be held liable.
3. Tried downloads have testimonials and are usually safe, otherwise some may have viruses or malwares on them, download at your own risk.
Some ISPs in Zimbabwe deliberately changed or slow down torrent downloads, you may need to toggle the port numbers and proxy servers to get your torrents to work.

Thus said , here is your torrent downloader Someone once said you get anything online, i believe thats true too!

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