Tollgates System to trap carjackers, Register Imported Cars


Authorities are planning to apprehend road traffic offenders and carjackers at tollgates, and also register imported vehicles at border posts.
The new system — which will become operational by year-end — primarily targets unregistered and stolen cars.
Secretary for Transport and Infrastructure Development Mr Munesushe Munodawafa said the innovation will feed information directly into the national data base by linking Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara), Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) and police systems.
“All vehicles will be registered with Zinara, thereby linking them to the CVR. Special cameras have been fitted at all tollgates to detect vehicle owners in breach of the law.
“At this stage, we have a record of about 80 percent of all vehicles. This record includes chassis and engine numbers, among other details. Once we get to 100 percent, we will then engage police in implementing (the system).
“The system will eventually link police to help them apprehend robbers and perpetrators of other crimes.”
Mr Munodawafa said Government will start registering imported vehicles at border posts in early 2015 to help keep the vehicle register up-to-date.
“We are also working on ensuring all imported vehicles are registered at the border. All services associated with vehicle registration will now be immediately available at border (posts) where all certificates will be issued.
“We expect to start this at the beginning of the year so that it goes hand-in-hand with the process of linking Zinara with the CVR.”
Police have been battling hard to apprehend criminals following an upsurge in carjackings.
Most of the stolen vehicles are often used in other crimes.
Road traffic offences have also increased, especially in major urban centres with ballooning vehicle numbers. In Harare, Council has installed surveillance cameras at some intersections to help spot offenders.

source: Sunday Mail

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