#OUT AND ABOUT: Tips For Online Shoppers

Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser.

The model is simple, a consumer just picks a product of interest by visiting the website of the retailer directly or by searching among alternative vendors using a shopping search engine , which displays the same product’s availability and pricing at different e-retailers in the country or abroad.

by David Zvina

The world of online shopping might be fun and easy , but it is also a world that one can easily become prey to various con artist that have embraced the digital world around us. So how does online shopping work and what are its risks… 

mobile phones have become one of the morden means of conducting online shopping

“Firstly it is important to know the basic system behind online shopping.  When you visit a website with your computer or smart phone, all you’re really doing is downloading a bunch of graphics and text from their web server and onto your own device. Many advances have been made in the way in which those text and graphics parts are formatted, but the principle remains the same,” illustrated Ownai’s Tapiwa during a chat with Technomag reporter.

Most online shopping sites are attached to a database of some kind where inventory is tracked. This is what is so convenient about online shopping, because you can see if an item is in stock before you buy.

“When you place an order for something, the database removes those items from the count so that other customers will see if something is still available. However one of the greatest threats to our business is the emergency of con artist that still both the cash and identities of our valued customers. at most times these individuals create fake websites and hide under the idea that they are online shops, but their goods are never delivered.

We have Merchant accounts which are only issued to verified businesses. The same also applies to the Bank method. You don’t pay to an individual’s account. The bank account you pay to must match the name of our company (Zimall Online P/L). 
With regard to Cash on Delivery, always ask for positive identification from the delivery guy and ensure that the product is correct before making payment.these are some of the advice we provide to our customer before purchase.After purchasing,Your entire order will be processed electronically and then sent to the distribution warehouse where someone will put those items in a box and send them to you whilst your are home.

Norbert  Kano one of the online shoppers we spoke to said online shopping, “provides customers with a wide range of goods  because by the touch of a button, you would have accessed items found in a shop in Munich and you can always ask you local online shops to purchase the good for you.

“Although we know of the various threats that we faced as consumers at times we simply have to have a little faith that it we work well and we will not cross. path with the con artist out there,”

The online system works exactly as a traditional shopping store where you take your shopping cart to the counter and the store clerk then begins to add things up so you can pay for it. However, unlike a traditional store check out does not take a long time no matter how much you have added to your cart. It will present you with a grand total of all items and the option to remove what you don’t want

Online shopping is really not that much different than flipping through pages in a printed paper catalogue, then calling a customer service line and placing your order over the phone. The only catch is that it is far more secure to submit your credit card number over a secured web connection than it is to say it aloud over the phone (especially on a cordless home phone) or even through a printed order form and sent through the mail.

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