It’s Time To Get Serious About Cyber Crimes and Online Behaviour


Cyber crimes are growing the world over and continue to threaten the livelihoods of many people daily. Here in Zimbabwe, we are yet to make something meaningful to combat the threats we face with regards to cyber crimes and reckless online behavior.

The Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation ministry no longer exists as a stand alone ministry, barely months after being created to cater for the growing social media abuse that the government of Robert Mugabe blamed on some of the economic woes that the country faced. But it already had a tainted view of what constitutes cyber crimes.

By Pearson Mbendera

But Frampol Africa asserts that Zimbabwe is at great risk to cyber threats, as people in Zimbabwe do not prioritize cyber security issues.

Despite all this, the ministry of ICT hasn’t yet passed the Cyber Bill which was drafted back in 2015, but hopefully, they will get it done soon. The cyber bill, which most of us expected would be fast tracked after the creation of the Cyber Security ministry didn’t take place, there is actually nothing of value that the short lived ministry produced.

In a lot of ways we take this as a joke, because we always find amusement whenever a cyber crime happens, like when someone illegally leaks the nudes of someone else, whether out of revenge or hate.

When it comes to cyber laws, many people simply see it as the harsh and overreaching hand of the government to quash people’s freedoms online. Its not just about coming up with laws to arrest people who act against them but it is also about educating people of their behavior online as it may have a negative impact on other people.

The person who started with the social media post about Delta Bulawayo hiring might have done that in jest, trying to be funny at a time when a lot of people were expecting an instant turnaround to the economy following the ascension of Mnangagwa into the highest political office in Zimbabwe. But that’s not how it was perceived, as a lot of people showed up looking for jobs that were non existent.

There is need for more stringent laws to govern online activities.

There are a lot of opportunities that people can get from using the internet, from ecommerce businesses to advertisement, the internet has changed almost everything about how we live our lives. It has also changed us in negative ways and that is a cause for concern.

Blame it on fun, blame it on unemployment, we have to do something about cyber crimes and online behavior in Zimbabwe. It is about time. Hopefully this is what Supa Mandiwanzira who retained his position as ICT minister will strive to achieve.

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