THUD Innovatorpreneurs Are Meeting Up Tonight!

The Hookup Dinner (THUD)is a Sub-Saharan African network of emerging entrepreneurs brought together by three core values; to connect, engage and contribute to each other’s success.

Tonight at Batanai Gardens these youth meet up to discuss and describe their experiences and expectations and how it turned out in the entrepreneurship world. They will be a discussion on how to make ideas bankable and their expectations from Entrepreneurs looking for Funding.

In February we witnessed the ground breaking of Zimbabwes’ first co working space which enables the development of any ideas where the users would be granted an open space to develop their ideas and get support from various stake holders as well as funds from potential funds from the industry.

The co-space is going to play a critical role to avail cheap space for idea and solution development for Zimbabwean players who have seldom complained about unemployment and lack of support to develop their ideas.

The brains behind this, Innovation Baraza encourages Innovators to put forward game-changing ideas and new approaches that challenge the norm and improve African lives. All sectors are covered,including infrastructure, energy, health, education, community engagement, and any other area where innovations can improve the way Africans live.

Innovation Baraza is for entrepreneurial Innovators (Innovatorpreneurs) – which covers anyone with an idea that can be developed to the point of attracting investments in readiness for the market.

Simba Savannah is the Investment Forum made up 5 investors who put hard resources and money into these innovators in exchange for equity.

The Hook Up Dinner gives startups from across the country a platform from which to connect, engage and contribute to each others’ success, while also providing entrepreneurs with a valuable interface to corporate South Africa.

The concept, which takes on a dynamic, yet relaxed and informal dinner format, was brought to life in 2012 and has since evolved into a market place where organisations find entrepreneurs with whom to partner in their economic empowerment programmes.

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