"They Wanted To Kill Me," Strive Masiyiwa


Strive Masiyiwa has divulged sensitive information claiming that his life was in danger and had some hitmen sent against him since he fled Zimbabwe .

Responding to critics who are blaming him for sympathizing with ZanuPf towards the call for sanction removal, many more theories are coming up including conspiracy that he is playing ball against allegations indicating that Econet had been evading tax for more than $750 million.  

While these are mere allegations and conspiracy theories that can not be proven yet, Strive Masiyiwa has openly admitted that there were people sent to assassin him during the Mugabe era, even in South Africa, where he is now staying, stating  he was not running away from his own shadow but real threat. 

He however said that his statement to call for sanction removal was based on his business interest as he has faced serious challenges forcing him to deal with Chinese institutions to evade the sanctions. 

He also for the first time publicly admits that he owned a newspaper that was bombed, linking the matter to the dailynews which was bombed at the height of MDC

Here is his full statement

AS an entrepreneur, on many occasions I have had initiatives for my country Zimbabwe, which could have created tens of thousands of new jobs. When I have discussed them with either investors or banks, they have turned me away, saying: “We don’t want to violate the sanctions in your country.”

I have documents and emails from bankers and investors. I tried so hard to persuade some of them, often suggesting that they are not interpreting the sanctions correctly.

In my case, I was forced to go to China to secure loans to support our Zimbabwean businesses, but this was not always ideal.

I have spoken about it publicly on many occasions even in the US and China itself.

It is not right that we as business should have to work under such conditions, when all we want is to create jobs and livelihoods for ordinary people.

Now, if Zimbabwe had been a person who committed a crime, for which they went to prison, would you not say 20 years is enough?

Zimbabwe has served its prison time. It’s time for the country to be given a chance to get back on its feet.

I fled my country when assassins were sent to kill me. I had been tipped off by someone in the Mugabe government who was related to me. Even when I left the country, there were other attempts to kidnap me in South Africa. It has been 18-and-a-half years. Only I have the right to decide when to come home.

My executives (in Zimbabwe) were arrested and held in leg irons for 16 days. I endured all the persecutions, including the bombing and shutting down of my newspaper business.

No one stood in our corner, or expressed indignation, perhaps because there was no Twitter?

Now will the end of Western sanctions end all our problems?

Absolutely not!

As I have said, no one should be under any illusion that this is not going to be very, very tough, as many of the issues to be tackled are due to bad policies going back decades including corruption.

Let’s not allow the sanctions to be a crutch and stumbling block to some of the issues that need resolution.

My name is Strive Masiyiwa, and I’m with the suffering ordinary Zimbabweans who need to see jobs, livelihoods, and investment in our country.

I call for an end to sanctions now. And I reiterate my call for people to work together in the national interest.

Intimidation and threats have never affected me. I stood up to Mugabe when most of those issuing threats by Twitter were either in diapers or hiding, or even simply minding their own business.


I did not rail at them and never will or demand that they say only what I approve.


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