There Is No Country In This World That Has Better Human Capital In Mining Than Zimbabwe – Chitando


Mines and Mining Development Minister Hon Winston Chitando says there is no country worldwide with better human capital than Zimbabwe.

Speaking to TechnoMag, Minister Chitando made it categorically clear that Zimbabwe is second to none in mining personnel.Over the years, lack of capital has been a major constraint in developing mining projects, but the situation has since improved owing to targeted policies.

“What we have been lacking as a country is capital. We have the minerals; we have human capital. I have said it on many forums that there is no country in this world that has better human capital in mining than Zimbabwe.

“We do have the human capacity, something which has been demonstrated over years, but we lack focus on economic development, which enables capital to flow in.”

Sustained economic development, Minister Chitando added, was not an event, but a process that required serious planning and action.

“If there is a mine that requires five years to build, even if you are in a rush, you cannot do it in six months.

Chitando added, “So economic development is a process, not an event.

“The most important thing is to identify the process and start walking in the process,” he said.

Recent official data shows that nickel mattes earned Zimbabwe US$1,14 billion, nickel ores and concentrates US$956 million, while semi-manufactured gold exports raked in US$1,36 billion in the eleven months to November 2021.

Unwrought platinum earned US$186 million.

A number of new projects are at various stages of implementation.

In terms of the US$12 billion target, US$4 billion is expected from gold, US$3 billion from platinum, US$1 billion from coal, US$1 billion from diamonds, US$1 billion from chrome, ferrochrome and carbon steel, US$500 million from lithium and the balance from other minerals.

The country has inherent potential in the sector since it has over 60 mineral occurrences.

For instance, it is home to the world’s second largest deposits of platinum group metals and is believed to have potential to supply a quarter of the total value of diamonds traded globally.

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