…Then Telecel Changes the Game For Business.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Telecel Zimbabwe has unveiled another game changing package specifically with business in mind, an amplified version of Telecel red which was initially launched for individuals while the new Telecel Business completes the puzzle.

What really brings excitement about their new Telecel business package is the fact Effectively this means that businesses that sign up for Telecel Business should be able to cut their phone bills by up to 80 percent.

Telecel Business
The new Telecel business is suitable for any type of small business to large corporates from as little $15 a month or as much as $150 a month, depending on anticipated usage, they are offering businesses packages that allow usage of up to as much as five times the value of the monthly subscription paid.

The Telecel Marketing Director Mr Octivius Kahiya said, there is Telecel Business 15, Telecel Business 30, Telecel Business 60 and Telecel Business 150.

The four Telecel Business packages have been given names that reflect the value of the monthly subscription before the addition of Value Added Tax.

For a monthly subscription of $15, the Business 15 corporate customer is allowed each month 450 minutes of closed user group (CUG) talk time, 60 minutes of on-net calls, which means calls to other Telecel numbers, and 30 minutes of off-net calls, as well as 15MB of free data and 15 local text messages.

Business 30, which costs $30, gives customers up to 900 minutes of talk time on CUG calls, 180 minutes for on-net calls, and 60 minutes for off-net calls, as well as 100MB of free data and 100 local text messages.

The Business 60 plan, which costs $60, gives the user 1800 minutes talk time on CUG, 480 minutes for on-net calls, 180 minutes for off-net calls, 200MB of free data and 200 local text messages. In addition, Business 60 comes with 30 minutes for international call.

The Business 150 plan, which costs $150, gives the user 3000 minutes on CUG, 1000 minutes for on-net calls, 1 000 minutes for off-net calls, 1 000MB of free data and 1000 local text messages. In addition it gives the user 100 minutes for international outgoing phone calls.

telecel zimbabwe team

The CUG feature allows the user to call designated Telecel numbers within the organisation’s specified number directory free of charge. The organisation specifies the numbers to be part of its closed user group, which then become virtually free extensions.

These billing options ensure the business organisation is able to control expenditure. They also provide flexibility and convenience, which are critical for efficiency and effectiveness.

“This platform is a logical follow-through on the launch of our ground-breaking Telecel Red which recently won the Exceptional Product of the Year (2013) award with Marketing Association of Zimbabwe. Telecel Red catered mainly for the individual and now we have come to market with an offering for the corporate sector. The packages are premised on the fact that you must communicate with your most frequent contacts at a very affordable price and that you must be rewarded for creating the frequent traffic with these contacts,” he said.

“Continuous communication with customers, suppliers and other business partners is important for growth in any business. At Telecel we understand that. We also understand the need for such communications to be conducted in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

The Closed User Group facility allows the organisation to designate specified numbers that frequently call each other, making them virtual free extensions.

“The different plans provide choice and flexibility in line with one’s business usage and specific communication needs,” Mr Kahiya added.

The contract period for any of the Telecel Business plans is a minimum of 12 months.

There are two billing options for each of the Telecel Business plans. There is a post-paid option and a flexible option.

The line can be configured as a pure post-paid line where bills are payable at the end of each billing month. It can also be configured for the flexi plan where, when the user reaches the permitted usage limit for the month, the line can continue to be used for the rest of the month as a pre-paid line, where airtime is loaded in the normal way.

Unlimited usage in all of the Telecel Business packages is subject to fair usage policy. This means if usage is excessively more than could be expected of an average person, the usage may be restricted.

A bill payment reminder is sent 48 hours before the account is suspended for non-payment. If suspension is effected a notification of this is sent to the subscriber.

We also caught up with the Telecel Chief Commercial Officer Ashraf El Gundy and he explains more here…

“We started off by making SIM cards affordable for everyone. We followed this with various promotions to offer all our pre-paid customers better value for money. We developed promotions to encourage the use of mobile phones for internet access. We went on earlier in the year to launch Telecel Red, which was conceived as ideal for up and coming executives and frequent mobile phone users.” Telecel pronounced.

This is their first set of packages aimed specifically at businesses, although non-business organisations could benefit equally from Telecel Business.

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