…Then Powertel Introduces Wifi Routers

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito
Ask anyone using unlimited internet connection the most indispensable feature is to share that connection. It does not make sense to have individual unlimited connections under the same roof, and previously most people would just Connectify it or buy 3rd party wireless router.

I remember as a support technician, I struggled to connect some of these generic routers with APN errors and I was strongly convinced that Powertel was doing so to defeat the obvious, sharing the the connection.

I guessed it would not make sense for an entity selling very affordable unlimited internet on their CDMA platform, to then encourage multi users on the same gateway.

By unlimited connection, this is usually loosely translated to unlimted downloads, but not necessarily connection speed.

Strange enough, Powertel has done the unthinkable, they are not only allowing sharing, they are even selling their own wireless routers to encourage sharing of the connectivity up to maximum 5 users.

By simply buying this wireless router, priced at $80 there will not be a need to buy the wireless dongle as it was previously, the same router acts as the dongle to the ISP and the Wi-Fi signal distributor to your 5 users at $45 per month.

Unfortunately, we cannot share our experience yet on the Powertel platform, neither can we give more details on the speed after sharing the connection since we have not yet tried this service as yet.

It being a CDMA based service backed by a fibre backbone, we would be interested in noting the speed differences and bandwidth contention issues that would result thereafter.

The Public Relations officer Lindaray Marembende hinted that this is only a promotion which is meant to last till the 28th of February 2014.

They also have the internet dongle slashed at $25 selling price and $30 initial access connection fee for unlimited download per month as well.

This now poses Powertel as the most affordable Internet Service Provider in Zimbabwe as the battle for subscriber hots up!

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