The Yako Story Initiative


The Yako Story Initiative is designed to shine a spotlight on Africa’s unknown and raw talent. It is a vehicle for identifying, nurturing, promoting, showcasing and advancing African talent while developing skills and offering employment opportunities to the Youth and Women.

The Yako Story Initiative covers the following categories; Education, Music, Sports, Business, Climate Change, STEM, Health, Arts & Culture, to mention a few. It is also a platform to market and provide exposure to the chosen participants locally and internationally.

There are so many talented young Africans who are yet to be discovered, uncovered, unearthed and nurtured. Our beliefs and guiding principles are based on finding and showcasing the diamond in the rough.

The Yako Story Initiative therefore is a collaborative undertaking which provides a unique opportunity to deliberately market, expose, promote and showcase these diamonds who would never have been discovered otherwise.

To this end, we are excited to announce that the Shihan Samson Muripo Yako Story is brought to you by First Mutual Holdings Limited (FMHL) who have an impeccable track record of helping customers Go Beyond at every stage of their life for decades.

The Shihan Samson Muripo Yako Story is about a 2-time World Karate Champion, arguably the most decorated Zimbabwean Athlete, who went beyond his very humble beginnings to become the first black World Karate Champion.

This is a story of Hope, Possibility, Self-Belief, Mastery, Discipline, Determination, Perseverance and Hard work.

The Shihan Samson Muripo Yako Story shows the Zimbabwean and African Youth from all walks of life that it is possible to go beyond your barriers and achieve greatness regardless of where you start off in life. It is a 4-part mini docuseries which is available only on Yakontent:

To follow the docuseries as it develops, stay tuned on the following First Mutual Holdings Limited
(FMHL) and Yakontent Social Media Handles:

The Yako Story Initiative

WhatsApp: +263778917309
Phone: +263777053972

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