The Triple “T” Effect- Telecel, TechZim & TechnoMag On Zifm Radio

Yesterday we were LIVE on Zifm Radio talking Zimbabwe Technology.  It was a Triple effect for sure, We had a Telecel sponsored interview programme, On the Panel was Soul Limbikani Kabweza of TechZim and I, with TechnoMag.

Anchoring the Programme was Telecel`s  Zororo Makamba and ZiFm Dj Kimble Rogers  rocking radio on “My Station  Your Station” ZiFm Radio.

We had a major focus on the technological trends and how best we can move forward Zimbabwe Technologies.

Mr Zororo Makamba Of Telecel Zimbabwe threw a very insightful question on the position of the government and the relevant ministries as policy makers and implementers to move forward our technological sector.telecel promo


Limbikani with TechZim answered that on the need to liberalise the sector, ”just Open up  the Sector”, and let there be more players and allow them room to take part with few stringent conditions.

One point I personally added to that was of the inhibiting charges from the operating licences and that of simply acquiring a Value Added Service (VAS ) Short code in Zimbabwe. Potraz is currently charging a fortune for that and the only way round is to get it through the Telecoms Giant which will still  charge you thousands.

The development of local apps was another burning question pitting the whole panel into a brainstorming why we still have few or (insignificant) locally made apps . Although we ALREADY have some locally made ones available on the global Google play and apple`s app store, there are still not as successful.

TechZim suggested that we need to focus much more on home oriented apps that solves our own problems.


Zororo Makamba was worried about their significance and why we are not booming as other apps are creating revenues, raising the demand for smartphones and booming the national GDP.

Another Question where we all begged to differ was on the web security matter, how we can protect the readers from attacked sites (Disseminating improper messages) and how we can protect the sites as web owners.

Security is a tricky subject as I have once written in Herald Weekly Column, there is basic web security which is a must  for all yet some Zimbabwean websites lack   that exposing them to even the most simplest attacks which are benign at times.

While at the same time, web security can be a real challenge, even the most secure website can still be attacked. We havzifme seen this happen to the big names in security including Google, FBI, CIA and Facebook. If all these can be hacked then surely anyone else too can be hacked.

Security simply makes it much more difficult or detectable before you are actually hacked.


This was  Live On Air courtesy of Telecel Zimbabwe on ZiFm, Thursday 18 April 19, 2013 4:30pm hope to be giving you more on these.




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