The New NetOne Begins Today, As They Launch #OneFusion (Watch Full Videos)

NetOne tonight tried to reverse and erase everything you knew about it as the newly appointed executives drive a new perception and a brand which is set to drive them forward should they do everything right all the way .

NetOne Today officially unveiled their fresh new brand, trending under the name #OneFusion as they bundle up all the benefits a SIM card can give you including voice, data and SMS. More importantly is the unlimited bundles for social network starting from $10.

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Although this really seemed to be much ado about telecommunication based services, NetOne has introduced a first in Zimbabwe by fusing telecommunication and lifestyle based services which are specifically targeting the Zimbabwean urbanites, a generation which is deeply leaned towards data based services and social media.

You may watch the full video launch here 

Onefusion benifits

Onefusion benifits

To spice up the exciting fused offers under Onefusion, NetOne will be offering a plethora of benefits that includes VIP access and discounts to top town clubs, air tickets, shopping centres amongst others.

The new shift is a total migration of policy from NetOne which traditionally has been perceived as a Network for those in late 50s going onwards who specifically do not care or need any modern based technology services.

netone ceo, Brian Mutandiro speaking at the Onefusion launch

netone ceo, Brian Mutandiro speaking at the Onefusion launch

Speaking during the official launch of the brand, The acting NetOne CEO,Mr Brian Mutandiro said that for the past 20 years, they have been ignoring this important market, but they have come on strong to take on the opportunities.

“While we may have been too slow and sleeping on it, NetOne has just awaken as a force to reckon with and we will be offering unique services to this important market targeting urbanites as we want to grow with the data based market and offer them exciting services.” said Mutandiro.

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ONE Fusion snip

The One fusion bundles range from $ 5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $15

0, and a whopping $200 with various benefits starting from 60minutes for NetOne to NetOne calls and 18minutes for Outside Network calls with 15mb data and 700mb of whatsapp data, 900mb for facebook and 10SMS all expiring after 30days.

one fusion bundles benefits

one fusion bundles benefits

To activate the OneFusion benefits, one has to dial *400#, and access the menu, this is also a shift from their traditional *171#menu as they seek to completely differentiate the service from the traditional ones.

The NetOne marketing executive Juliet Ziswa emphasized that the OneFusion was not about the Simcard and bundle services, but all about taking control of your life and selling a lifestyle to the subscriber.

“With OneFusion we are selling a lifestyle , its not just about the SIM based services, this is how we are now writing our own new history where we are combining a lifestyle for the urbanites with telecommunication based service.”

said Juliet

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While NetOne may have dangled a tempting product to hook up any living subscriber, the work has not ended but just began as they need to face a market which now needs to be convinced that the product is real and it works before they dumb or share their networks.

Millions of subscribers in Zimbabwe are eager to move with an exciting service and NetOne for the fisrt time ever since inception may have broken the jinx by looking into the emerging market and catering for the upcoming data based generation.


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