The New Herald Will Now Be Smaller & Slick!

Zimpapers, the publishers of Sunday mail, the Herald, HMetro, Chronicles amongst the popular brands will this week be changing the size and format on their Flagship, The Herald and also their Weekly paper Sunday Mail.

Zimpapers recently commissioned new high technology printing machine which has made them to migrate to the international standard print quality and paper type too.
TechnoMag has got a copy of the new upcoming daily Newspaper which will surely attract attention amongst readers.

size comparison
Its not just the change in size here, they have also picked up a new font type plus a cool colour blending well with the new compact paper.

The new Herald and Sunday Mail will be approximately 85% of the old one, coming out at 530mm by 330mm.

Looks like they have incorporated some adobe InDesign style to for the page layout as it has become much more smoother with very little clutter this time around.
The New Herald Will Now Be Smaller  & Slick 2
Interesting to see how technology is impacting the trends in Zimbabwe and for a public entity like Zimpapers, this is a good move as they digitalise the printing house from the actual infrastructure, this saves them a lot as they finally move away from the machinery they have been using for so many years now.

The new Herald and Sunday has visibly changed its size, for the readers, it is much more compact now and smoother to flip, yet for the advertiser, well it could be a different story, SIZE really matters because the bigger the better.

The new advertising rates have also been announced to align with the new paper size that is expected to hit the streets any day from tomorrow.

Nicole Madziwa

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