(Updated) The New Herald Hits The Streets!

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

After commissioning the new state of the art technology printer, Zimpapers has hinted that they are now ready to roll and hit the streets tomorrow with their new look design, daily newspaper .

“There have been trials of pilot testing the new print edition from last week and we hope if everything goes on well then definitely Monday our readers will be seeing the new herald on the streets”, said a source.

Like we have said before, TechnoMag has already managed to preview the cool compact size, layout and font too.

There have been lots of attempts to make the new paper hit the streets earlier, as they adjust to the new system and it seems that this time they are ready to roll.

The Sunday mail, will also be inheriting these new features too.
Zimpapers is the largest print media house in Zimbabwe publishing the Herald, Sunday mail, Hmetro, Chronicles, BH24, Manica post, Kwayedza, Umthunya amongst others plus the freshly launched radio station, Star FM.

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