The New Econet Juice Cards Are “Old”

Is it just us who keep bumping upon these not so clear top up cards every time or it is the norm nationwide?

For some reason, Econet wireless has introduced some “substandard” top up cards which we keep struggling to use as the digits are not clear and the scratch panel smudges the whole card.

We wonder if its an issue of cost, and if so by just how much are they trying to save or it`s just an issue of them contracting wrong printers or circulating rejects.

Which ever the case, please Econet solve this issue, we are really struggling to read these top up (juice cards).

It Seems as we are using real old cards to top up as the new cards are not that fresh.

This is not leaving us inspired!

Hon Shamu now the new ICT Minister, Bad or Good News For ICT.

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