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#MondayBlues: The NetOne Nonsense Must Stop!


Zimbabweans  at large are sick and  tired of NetOne drama. The animosity, mudslinging and character assignation is real. Its like a kids play without any senior person to stamp foot and  bring  sanity.

Where is the line minister and office of the president and cabinet when all this is going on unabated?

By Toneo

Year in  year out, NetOne never misses  our headlines and we  are also sick and  tired of their drama, Ts which  has costed them millions in nothing but lawsuits, investigations and legal fees, a figure we are still to ascertain and  someone must account  for.

While  all this is happening , competition at  Econet is   progressing, declaring dividends and birthing independent stock exchange listed companies and of course Telecel is dying , and no one  seems to care, yet still  we need to give due attention to them.

NetOne  is one company which has been  highly investigated  more than any criminal gang in Zimbabwe, good names year in and  year out are  finally soiled, tainted and  destroyed and one  has to ask the  why  there is always unceasing  drama  at NetOne.

Who really is driving this perpetual animosity, whose interest is the  person serving and why must Zimbabweans continue to loose their asset?

Until we solve this question, Zimbabweans will continue to get sickened by these useless, petty and  personal  fights  at national  fora.

 Tech Talk members recently added their voice and  displeasure at the  unending drama and  ravaging  fires than  never  cease, demanding  fresh breath and proper corporate governance at the  state owned  mobile network.

Drama began  With  firing  of NetOne founding  CEO Reward Kangai, who today walks  free against a hp of charges that were laid against him, thee  same  happened  but quietly to the  acting CEO Mr Brian Mutandiro, though he  took a much silent exit, he never got to see the day where he was celebrated after driving positively towards NetOne  profitability, and Now on and off with Lazarus Muchenje, the man who has just refused to die, and ultimately never skips our headlines.

Are all these the worst CEOs we have  ever had in Zimbabwe, if at all they were that bad, why is there never an out of court settlement arrangement  for them, why are not seeing the board members, line ministries closing  doors and seal a deal that preserves the integrity of the  organization, and should the  CEO go, they do it  with much respect for the contributions they have  made.

This then  boggles the mind, there is a super power enjoying these  wars, benefiting from them , whichever  way, the person/s must be  identified, uprooted and  allow sanity to prevail at the state owned enterprises.

Zimbabweans own the entities, they are not private companies and no one  must behave as if they own them and they only go their  way goes  or no way!

We need real man and woman who in the next few days will stand up and  say no more to this nonsense and work towards the  growth of the  sector. 

toneo toneo

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