The National Call Centre Industry Report is Out!


The National Call Centre Development and Service Delivery Improvement Project spearheded by  Contact Centre Association Of Zimbabwe inconjuction Chartered Institute of Cuxtomerr Management have brought the National Call Centre Industry Report 2013

This call centre report forms part of the first large scale survey of the call centre  industry outlook and developments patterns in Zimbabwe.

You may download The full report of the 2013 National Call Centre Industry Report

Part of the Documents reads:

The call centre industry has grown dramatically over the last decade, as advances in information technology and the decline in costs of communications and data transmission have made it easier for firms in many industries to provide customer services and sales from cost-effective, geographically distant, technology-mediated centres.

The report findings will be vital for investors, policy makers and government to relook on the potential of the call centre industry and BPO sector in the country. A total of 20 companies, with a workforce of nearly 3000, agreed to participate in the survey.

The companies were identified from a database of over 30 companies with in-house and outsourcing call centres. These companies agreed to provide a wide range of detailed information on their operations, including: background information on each call centre, their employees, remunerations, customers, business strategies, training programmes, human resource practices, use of technology, performance monitoring, job design, and customer satisfaction.

While the companies that participated are only a sub-set of the growing call centre and contact centre industry in the country, we believe they are broadly representative of the overallcall centre industry, and the detailed information they provided offers a unique
understanding of employment practices and business strategies in the Zimbabwean call

The insights in this report are also informed by over 20 interviews of one-hour
or more conducted with call centre supervisors, managers and customer service heads
throughout the country, and by a series of detailed case studies .

The growth of call centres in Zimbabwe is still in its for mation stages with great signs of growth. On the one hand, the Ministry of ICT and regional economic development agencies see call centres as a valuable source of jobs and economic development in a labour intensive Industry.

Firms and companies see remote, technology mediated call centres as a cost effective way of providing services and sales to customers at a distance. Similarly, customers may gain from new or lower cost services.

On the other hand, consumers 7 often complain about low quality service in at least some in-house call centres, a challenge which can be bridged by outsourcing to independent call centres.

In this report we try to address these concerns. We examine the key aspects below:

 Gender composition of the workforce, the estimated number of employees

directly working in call centres.

 Pay levels and compensation strategies for call centre employees and managers

 Training and educational Levels of call centre employees in Zimbabwe

 Labour Issues and other regulations in place

 Call Centre Performance and other key metrics for 2013

 Local Call Centre Tech Vendor suppliers, systems being used and telecoms


 Growth forecast, Investors inquires and Government Incentives

you may contact them here

Contact Centre Association of Zimbabwe (CCAZ)
First Floor, Exploration House,
145 Robert Mugabe Road,
Corner Fifth Street,
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Voice: +263 734 914 032 / +263 772 874 848 / +263 716 726 255 / +263 715 606 268



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