Mobile Apps That Bring The World Cup to Reality

There are more ways than ever to keep up with the action at the World Cup, wherever you are. You are able to run, pass and dribble your way through the action minute-by-minute without being tied to your sofa or glued to your TV, thanks to the wealth of technology.


By Phinias Shonayi


Having recently joined the Samsung Galaxy S4 wagon, I found with interest that of late Opera Mini has the ‘Football Rush 2014: Brazil Dash!’ game app pasted onto its Speed Dial menu. In the game, Jose (or you, the player) dashes through the busy, vibrant streets of Rio de Janeiro, dodge-passing dangerous obstacles before an angry referee who wields a red card.

Game Programmers jumped to the opportunity to push the World Cup support movement, at the same time fattening their own wallets and those of sporting gear brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma alike.

Smartphone, tablet and wireless device usage having exploded in the four years since the last World Cup, present no better way to follow your team or continue with the soccer craze even if there is no match playing (well, at least not live in Brazil!).


I’ve listed for you the top 5 must-have soccer game apps for your Android or iOS device at this soccer-inferno moment.

1. FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS: The best football game out there in the app stores. EA Sports has officially licensed the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil national teams, kits, and Adidas Brazuca ball for the FIFA 14 app. This app oozes authenticity for the true blue football world cup fans.

2. Dream League Soccer: A fantasy football game which gives you a chance to build your dream team. You can sign-up new players using coins or through the free transfer market. It also lets you train your players to perform better. This app gives you an opportunity to create the best football team in the world!

3. Perfect Kick: This awesome game lets you become the star striker that you’ve always dreamed of becoming. It’s a multi-player game that tests your penalty shootout skills against other players from around the world! The app is also oh-my-goodness simple to use!

4. Stickman Soccer: A fast paced simple football game in which you can choose your team from 32 different national teams and play either 11 vs. 11 or 4 vs. 4 games. You can also set your players to manual or automatic running mode.

5. Head Soccer: A very easy to use multi-player football game; but easy-to-use doesn’t necessarily mean it’s very easy to play hey.. The game requires basic Physics knowledge to excel. You can connect with other players through Bluetooth or game center!

So, you definitely can afford to spice up your FIFA World Cup 2014 season with the above games and lose that eagerness in waiting for your match to come to your screen!



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