The deplorable use of Facebook Live by Zimbos

Social media platforms are used for various reasons which meant to gratify the users. The advent of social media came with it highs and lows of gratification where some use it for promotion while others to denigrate as well as wasting time and money (data).

But it  seems  Facebook Live in Zimbabwe is used for the wrong reasons among them self gratification. The abuse of the platform is unbecoming wasting people’s data bundles.

Facebook Live is on surface defined as a basic feature that offers live-streaming video capabilities to users.

Today is valentine’s day and some are still struggling to properly use the social media meant to connect partners. Instead of falling in love with other on social media networks some are threatening to end relationships(or they will be lying because before you know it they are back together again).

Some Zimbabweans have been profaning the feature as a means to solve their relationships. From the beginning of the year to date, wife to Stunner aka Desmond Chideme, Olinda has been misusing the platform ranting about her husband’s promiscuity. Instead of people pitying her, they rather chided her for wasting their data bundles.

Bev claimed that she was impregnated by Muridzo in the bid to taint his booming career.

However, there are some who use the platform to broadcast topical issues with Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa being the perfect example of how Facebook can be used to entertain viewers. She recently launched her online TV Show after doing a pilot test show of Stunner quizzing him his side of the story on Olinda’ rants.


Jah Prayzah is another musician who engages his followers on Facebook Live in a sane manner interviewing musicians, radio personalities and video directors. The Jah Prayzah show is hosted by his video director Vusa Blaqs.

Ruvheneko’s show featuring Olinda Chapel Chideme

There are other public figures who use the platform for the good other than the mentioned Jah Prayzah and Ruvheneko.

To Olinda it would be wise if she could STOP wasting our bundles coming to Facebook in the future for matters of the heart can be dealt by two people in  a relationship instead of your followers. We aint your mama whom you can cry to over your marital mishaps which you somehow ask us to help you when you know that you’ll soon get back together with your husband.

As for Bev, stick to the bottles as you are accustommed to for we know you have a record of being impregnated by popular figures. Leave us in peace on our Facebook platforms, we have better things to do.





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