The Blackberry Smartphone

By Tawanda P Mushayi

The Blackberry phone started to make its mark in March 2011 in Zimbabwe, when Econet Wireless ran a pilot test run of the Phone. By January 2012, the phone had become one of Zimbabwe’s most wanted smartphone on the market.

Although the phone was making waves, it has proved to be a complex phone to use for the majority of Zimbabweans. This has given the rise to a young group of entrepreneurs who have rose to the occasion, who are specialising in blackberry repairs and maintenance

Smoothly running a fully functional blackberry phone demands extra third party software and a bit of tricks to unlock some applications that come pre installed but unactivated.

Softwares that one must have to enjoy the use of their Blackberry Smartphones.

  1. Blackberry Desktop Manager
  2. Blackberry Swiss Army Knife (BSAK)

Blackberry Desktop Manager

BlackBerry® Desktop Software for PC coordinates the link between your smartphone, tablet, email accounts, calendars and more. With BlackBerry Desktop Software 7.1, managing this link is even easier. The Blackberry Desktop Manager will enable the user to backup, restore, format or wipe the smartphone as well as load applications. This is the most essential software that any Blackberry smartphone user must have because it enables one to activate the blackberry browser such that one would be able to download applications such as whatsapp and opera.

How to activate a blackberry 8520 browser.

Options – advanced options – service book.

Service Book – press alt + tripple 4 + ! + 2 + !

This will restore and enable legacy restore.

After the legacy has been restored, you then connect the blackberry smartphone to your PC. Once the phone is connected to the PC you then follow the following procedure;

Backup and Restore – Restore – select a file (tcp_ip.ipd) – ok

Once the tcp_ip.ipd file has been restored, the next step is to go to the advanced options – browser. Make sure the default browser configuration selected is browser not hotspot browser.

NB: the tcp_ip.ipd file can be downloaded from the internet.

More on that from TechnoMag, get your copy.

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