Tesla Is Designing A “Cyberpunk truck” To Beat The Ford F-150


Elon Musk hinted at a new electric bakkie, which he called a “cyberpunk truck,” at Tesla’s annual investor meeting yesterday.

According to Musk, the vehicle is being designed to “meet or exceed” the Ford F-150, which he is a fan of. Musk added that Tesla hopes to unveil the vehicle towards the end of this quarter.

Musk highlighted that most electric vehicles which have been launched recently still can’t surpass the range of Tesla’s 2012 Model S, and claimed that Tesla should soon offer vehicles capable of traveling for 400 miles on a single charge.

He noted that Tesla’s sales target struggles are not due to a lack of demand, claiming that 90% of sales are going to customers who haven’t reserved a vehicle.

Musk also hinted that the company has a design for what he called a “submarine car,” which he believes would attract a small, yet enthusiastic, market.

Watch the full meeting below.


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