Telone`s SHDSL Speed Test, Promise delivered.

During the recently held ICT Africa 2013, our news crew managed to visit various stands offering internet connectivity to do actual on sight speed tests to see what these players are “really” offering.

We managed to visit about seven stands and we have got all the LIVE video recordings covering the actual tests and amongst the exhibitors, Telone was amongst the ones which did “NOT” lie.

We did the speed tests after lunch hour so that we do not get distorted results of bandwidth contention issues, but rather give you our readers the actual speed offered on normal off peak time, to ascertain whether at all the prescribed speeds are attainable, outside “natural factors”.

We tested their new type of ADSL, called SHDSL and speed test rubber stamped their promise on the gold platform.

We asked the Telone personnel the expected speed which they are actually selling to the consumers which was 2mb/s on their gold platinum, and since this is synchronous ADSL, we also expected that both the download speed and upload speed should be of the same value.

We ran the live test on video which we shall upload soon and here are the results.

We were quiet impressed as they were not far from the promised land, the download speed was 1.95mb/s and the upload speed was 1.81mb/s.
[c attid=”5602″ aption id=”attachment_5602″ align=”aligncenter” width=”300″]Speed test results from a Telone SHdsl connection during the ICT Africa 2013 Speed test results from a Telone SHdsl connection during the ICT Africa 2013[/caption]

This ofcourse was for their SHDSL and we will give you results from their ADSL platform and relevant category too shortly.

Generally it proved their new gold class of SHDSL would be ideal for business clearing fears of speed, connectivity and stability.

Thumbs up to Telone`s SHDSL

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