Telone`s Notice To All Telecommunications Operator


As a follow up to letters sent to all telecommunications operators and internet service providers in May 2013; TelOne wishes to advise that we will be carrying out a clean-up and identification of cable exercise in all our ducts and troughs in all major towns and cities.

Operators who may have laid cables in these work ways area therefore urged to contact TelOne and make arrangement to identify their cables.

The cables need to be identified in terms of the following:

  1. The operator who owns the cable.
  2. Point of origination and termination of the cables.

The exercise will involve labelling of these cables with tags of each operator’s name and contact details.

The cable owner will also be required to immediately remove any cable or any other associated plant that has been abandoned to become absolute in these ducts.

This exercise will not only enable easy identification of all cables running through our ducts and troughs but will also make maintenance work easier.

It is therefore MANDATORY for any operator to participate in this identification exercise. Any unlabeled cable will be treated as absolute and will be recovered.

Operators who have not yet identified their cable in TelOne ducts and troughs are encouraged to get in touch with:

Mr. Clever Gwavava

Network Management Centre Manager

Phone              : +263 4 799 811

: +263 4 789 111, ext. 2500

Mobile             : +263 712 324 350

Email               : [email protected]

Not later than end of business on Friday 19 December 2014

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