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TelOne’s TCFL New Greenhouse To Generate USD10K Per Month

  • TelOne Centre For Learning (TCFL) will generate at least US$10,000 per month in revenue through the Telecommunications venture in agriculture it launched yesterday.This comes amid praise by TelOne Boss, MD Ms Chipo Mtasa for her innovation team coming up with IMpact Learning which ensured technology graduands finished their studies during a difficult Covid environment which required eLearning when students could not meet in class.

In her welcome remarks, Ms Mtasa said, graduands went through a lot to get where they are as, “They not only successfully went through the three-year period of study and learning but they had to adapt to working twice as hard due to Covid-19 induced dynamics which ar some point mainly required e-learning.”

The TelOne Boss added, “I am glad that through our innovation Department we were able to launch our own platform, IMpact Learning, which really proved expedient to the need.”

TelOne expects to generate the over USD ten thousand dollars per month as profit through their revenue share plan with Easi-seeds.

Revenue is anticipated to be coming from the selling of the Internet of Things solutions, training of farmers and technicians as well as selling of actual produce.

TelOne has launched its first greenhouse as the telecommunication giant expands into the agriculture sector.

The launch of the greenhouse by TelOne Centre for Learning (TCFL) was done concurrently with the 7th graduation where a total of 166 ICT diplomas were conferred and 34 from the maiden Telecoms degree class.Only 26 graduands attended in person as the majority graduated virtually.

The TelOne Boss concluded saying, “As was in the year 2020, today due to the COVID-19 pandemic we only have 26 graduands physically present with their parents.However a total of 166 graduands are being conferred today with the rest being part of the graduation ceremony virtually.”

“Allow me to also extend my congratulations to our top students who will receive awards and of course kudos to parents of all graduands!” Said Ms Mtasa.

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TelOne Commissions Greenhouse

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