TelOne Unveils State Of Art Centre In Chitungwiza


Telone Flexed their  muscle yesterday as they unveiled a state of the art customer service centre in Chitungwiza, in a move specifically targeting  the mass market of the community, as they drive up their service to the nation.Hon Shamu On Speech

At an event officially opened by the Information Communications Technology Postal & Courier Services minister, Hon Webster Shamu, the minister implored the community to take advantage of connectivity models being offered by Telone as the government seeks to empower masses  via technology

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In a much bolder statement, for the first time ever , Telone took over the open frequency as they clustered Chitungwiza town centre with wifi hotspots, luring customers with both mobile devices plus a fixed internet cafe terminal inside their state of the art customer service centre.


By Phinias Shonayi



While officially opening the ceremony, the Hon minister said that such a move was a good sign to implementing the economic blue print, ZimAsset as government moves in towards connecting the masses as envisaged in the blue print ensuring  that ICTs are a cornerstone to economic growth.

As Government seeks to implement the ZIMASSET blueprint via ICTs the minister implored the Chitungwiza community to consider the fixed landlines per every household.

Hon Shamu, Mrs Mtasa

However the minister showed concern over the number of households connected to the fixed terminal against the popu;ation in Chitungwiza

“They are  87 103 houses in Chitungwiza and only 7024 of these houses are connected  with Telone landlines, surely we ought to have every house connected as we seek to empower our own hence creating a portal for online connectivity too via these phone lines” said the minister
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“TelOne has brought a one-stop shop for all technological and communications requirements; yet the centre is only a taste of what every household should have- wireless broadband and communication access.” he added

The Client Services Centre anchored right at the heart of Chitungwiza boasts of high speed broadband internet connectivity and telephone payment desks, state-of-the-art desktop computers in a cafe setup and  browsing facilities with Wi-fi capabilities.

While formally unveiling the centre to the minister, the managing director of Telone Mrs Chipo Mtasa said that the centre  also complimented with standard service provision shop for customers enquiry, service provision, bill payments and exquisite customer waiting areas plus a cellphone and accessories shop.

This should indeed be beneficial to the community, especially the school-going age as access to research and online tutorials are available at very low costs. The minister had earlier revealed that  Chitungwiza boasts of 31 Primary schools and 14 Secondary Schools and 1 satellite school, evenly divided between Zengeza and Seke making them direct beneficiaries of such developments.


Telone last year unveiled the same concept centre in Borrowdale, marking that as their first new style customer service centre in Zimbabwe


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