TelOne's 20gb Fibre Slashed To $23

State owned converged  telecommunications company TelOne has slashed the Fibre to the Home Packages, in a move that is likely to set yet another fibre broadband show down in Zimbabwe.

Their  first ever price shocker was in 2015 when they announced that their lowest Fibre To the Home (FTTH) package was $36, a move which put them up at loggerheads with ZOL Zimbabwe, Which had also slashed their package earlier open. 

This Technically now means that Telone is offering the lowest priced FTTH in Zimbabwe, with  their recent price slash of  $23 caped at 20gb. Their major competitor ZOL Zimbabwe is trading their 15GB capped data for $29 per month, while Powertel is selling for $35, though it comes unlimited 

With the $23 package, one can do almost anything with 20gb per month  including all day browsing,emails,  basic entertainment download and loads,  emails and stuff. 

ZOL Zimbabwe prides of their speed which they reportedly state to be at 100mbs for the same packages, While Powertel chides them with  unlimited access for their lowest priced package. However we are yet to test the actual speed through put of these packages, but the prices are all in blck and white.


TelOne  has also increased speeds on all their  home broadband packages (ADSL and FTTH) while  Prices for the Home Packages remain the same but both  speed and the download cap have been increased with an extra 10 Gig for the Home Plus and 35G

The starter pack capped at 20GB now priced at $23 will has a download cap of up to 5Mbps.

After the Starter Pack comes the Boost Package which has increased the data cap to 60GB from 50GB. It has a download cap of up to 20Mbps.

The company also introduced a new package called Intense Extra with a download cap of up to 50Mbps is also uncapped and costs $200.

Prices have been reduced with speeds and download cap increasing. The $200 package is new. 
With the new ASDL package prices remaining unchanged the download cap has been increased.


The  ASDL Infinity Packages’ pricing hasnt changed either but the speeds have been increased.



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