#MondayBlues: TelOne Selling Ice to Eskom’s at Trade Fair.   

There were neatly dressed, strategically placed and probably well trained to use the proper language which could almost convince even the Eskimos that that their ice cubicles were much colder than the chilling weather out there at the recently held Zimbabwe International Trade Fair.
TelOne had some real pretty girls who could convince you to buy almost anything, but their airtime data bundles which unfortunately was their only product to offer, while their competitor made sure that like oxygen, data access was free to all.

By Sting

While their game plan to maximize on the 52nd international trade fair was initially smart, all their efforts could have come to a naught or brought little success as their competitors made sure that their hot data bundles remain in the freezer and sold them for no price at all.

Currently TelOne is offering one of the best data bundles on the market, their prices have recently gone so sober and attractive especially for the mobile market, which even initially made sense to sell them to more than 40 000 who thronged Bulawayo.


Their marketing and sales was on point but the focus was misplaced when they failed to get a heads up that the game was now being played in Iceland and there was no point selling their neatly cut ice blocks no matter how freshly packed they smelt.



Zimbabwe International Trade Fair 2016, had just but but enough free hotspots from other players who had wireless repeaters to make sure that free access was ubiquitous across the lengths and breaths of the trade fair. Some who had secure access points passwords was probably only a backup separate plan in case the network got overwhelmed.
Those who may have bought the TelOne data were probably un aware that the price had been paid for already and may have only got wind of it after hitting the wifi button only to see other available free open access points.
We recently pointed out ten areas where we feel that TelOne needs serious attention if the giant is to awaken to full profitability and maintains market relevance.
Probably this could be time the State owned enterprise seriously engages someone to help the Sales and marketing director whom they have recently restructured to now Divisional Director Retail. The last time we checked, the busy office had one Isheunesu Mugadza who unceremoniously left under unclear circumstances and the hole may soon expose them.

TelOne boss Chipo Mtasa still has a lot to do,  she has already flexed muscles on firing incompetent employees and thee is real need for the junior employees as well to shape up or ship out.

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