TelOne Rolls Over Data for 2 months, In light of Power Shortages


With the current power cuts that are haunting the nation and an even worse power shortage said to be looming, it’s not a surprise that subscribers have had to part ways with their internet bundles even without having used them to depletion.

You can smile now because TelOne has a solution to curb the power blackouts and your data will never run out of time. The internet service provider yesterday introduced a $40 with a 15GB data cap and that’s not the best part. The bundle has a validity period of 60 days.

‘’Our customer’s needs are ever-evolving and to cater to our customer’s needs as they are experiencing frequent power cuts we had to give them a package suitable for the situation and so they will not have their bundles deplete before they even expire as the package is valid for 60 days.’’

TelOne has reported overwhelming purchases of this package and it’s evident it’s because of the prolonged validity period. This is because all other packages have a shelf life of 30 days. You might have to worry about your phone’s battery or your laptop’s battery life but never about your bundle expiring.

The biggest question, of course, is so what time are you going to use the bundle with these power cuts, from 10-5am? It’s beyond TelOne honestly but let’s say at least they tried. In the meantime, we are hoping the Zesa issue will be quickly rectified

Whether you are going to use it when you just get your power back and in our country’s sense this means either in the early hours of the morning or late at night or at whatever time is suitable for you, the validity of your package should be the last thing on your mind. You have a good 60 days to make sure you use your 15GB of data to depletion.

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