TelOne recognizes exceptional employees

TelOne held their Annual General Meeting last Friday to reflect on the parastatal’s performance in the previous 2015 season. Refreshingly, TelOne announced a $5 million operating profit to show resilience in the tough economic operating ground.     

By Cisco Eng. Shingie Lev Muringi 

To add taste to their overall achievements, the TelOne management went on to recognize their exceptional employees who excelled very well to help the organization reach its intended targets. Those who got the special mention in TelOne’s Telebuzz, the parastatal’s uptown magazine, came from various departments including the technical departments, sales & client service and Wi-Fi Projects. 

Kelvin Chitondo was recognized for his exceptional commitment and dedication, going an extra mile sacrificing heroes holidays, weekends and nights to make sure the parastatal achieves the Huawei AAA integration project.

Charles Musorosekwa, the Harare Wi-Fi Manager was rewarded for exceptional performance in the 2015 Wi-Fi Project roll-out. Onias Makanda, the Harare Site Officer was also rewarded for his exceptional contribution in the 2015 Wi-Fi Project.

Ndabezinhle Tshuma, Internet Engineer was recognized for his exceptional contribution in the 2015 Wi-Fi Project.

Tawanda Muyosvi, Technician, was recognized for his immense contribution on corporate installations including the POTRAZ Conference at HICC, ICAZ Conference at HICC, Harvest House Church Conference and Clean Energy Week Forum at Long Chen Plaza.

Tongesai Chikova, Technician, was awarded for completing the most projects during the year which include Westlea Copper, Mimosa GPON, Knowe GPON and now working on Murewa-Macheke transmission link. He was mainly recognized for his ability to multi-task several projects at the same time.

Simon Gavi,Core Network Engineer, was recognized for his exceptional efforts in network planning, and the Chiredzi Metro-Storage Area Network US$10.8 million project where he was the lead engineer responsible for mobilizing resources, solution design and contract negotiations.

Moosa Banomali was rewarded for his exceptional contributions in microwave link design, reconstruction of SMT1 channel from spares, link optimization, installations and commissioning of the Mutare-Chipinge Transmission project.

Nyasha Phiri was recognized for an outstanding performance where he developed the 30 minute migration algorithm that saved TelOnea whopping $200 000 if the work was to be outsourced from Huawei.

Joel Muskwe was awarded for his immense contribution in the designing and development of the exceptional responsive self-service portal reusable for FMC strategy saving $1m if it was done by Huawei.

Tapiwa Mandava was rewarded for his exceptional performance where he developed the backend systems fpr voucher management and self-service portal, saving TelOne of costs amounting to $50 000.

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