Telone Pronounces Slashes On ADSL Tarrifs


Telone has slashed all its ADSL rates across the four prevailing packages they are currently offering, marking them once more as one of the most affordable ISP in Zimbabwe with a new entry level of only $25 offering 10g download cap.
ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a high speed internet access service that utilises the existing copper telephone links to send and receive data at speeds that far exceed conventional dial up modems
By Wilson Mtetwa

They have slashed their rates from the Basic , gold , silver and Platinum with various percentages, while their highest offering on Platinum package which was once trading at $245, seeing a major slash to $160 plus unlimited download.
Their Gold package which was at $123 has gone down to only $85 with a major increase of download limit from 20g to a massive 50g download cap.
The same move to their silver package which was once $61 is now going for $45 with an increase of download cap from 15g to 25g.
new telone rate
The move pits Telone back in sharp competition with their major competitor, fibre and Wimax connectivity, a product which is mainly being driven by Liquid, Powertel, Zol and Africom at almost the same price ranges, setting the tone for a competitive season.
Telone has also recently improved their speeds on ADSL, a major cause of concern which had resulted in many dumping the package, few months after heavy uptake.
With their new tariffs and more efforts to improving bandwidth stability, Telone will see its self as a a powerful brand delivering broadband connectivity, over tradition al copper wires, which have been only used for voice calls by landlines.
This gives Telone a cost advantages, as they do not necessarily need to invest in connectivity costs, but rather improve the copper channel with latest technology to avail products like SHDSL at tariffs which Zimbabweans will find affordable.

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