Telone Opens New Classic Borrowdale Support Center

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito
Telone has opened their state of the art Borrowdale customer service support shop at Pomona shopping centre to add convenience in a touch of class to their clients in the leafy Borrowdale residential and business area.

Situated right beyond their old offices and adjacent to the main Borrowdale road is perched a seemingly simple structure while the inside really defines sophistication of a well finished touch of class with their corporate blue and white colours perfectly blended in.
Telone Client service centre 1

The inside customer service environment goes a mile to show how the traditional service provider has gone to change the look and feel of their complex with an exquisite state of the art internal design and layout.

Telone said that this shop will be amongst our many new state of the art branches that they will be opening nationwide as they bring the brand closer to the clients in a much more refreshed look and 21st century setup.

“The Borrowdale branch will be among the many shops and support centre that we shall be opening nationwide to add visibility and convenience with classic designs, most people may have known us for years as a traditional service provider but we are changing the look and feel of our shops into a shopping or customer service experience the customers will fall in love with.” Said a PR officer with Telone.

Coming from a parastatal, this is completely refreshing and commendable to see Telone reflect their brand in a much modern manner as most Parastatal buildings are commonly just so ancient, uninviting and way out of touch with the modern transitions.
Telone Borrowdale
These are among negligible factors that actually give their competitors an edge over them as business environments ought to be very much welcoming and attractive to lure potential clients and keep the old ones in touch with the brand.

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