Telone Officially Hands Over The Chevrolet Car To Winner!


By Tongai Mwenje & Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Imagine you are in a bank, worried about withdrawing some few notes to solve your own personal issues then a phone call keeps interrupting you. You frantically try to ignore that call till you give in and when you pick it up, Someone confirms your identification then screams “you have just won a brand new Chevrolet car courtesy of Telone!!

This is not a tale, its a story that a gentleman from Gweru, Mr Greater Sibanda, lives to tell as he came out the unsuspecting winner.

After witnessing the Telone talk, surf and win grand challenge draw which was held at Runhare Building where they gave away a brand new Chevrolet car amongst other gadgets at an event attended by a handful of contestants, passerbyes and Telone Staff plus management.

Its barely seven days now after announcing the winner of the immaculate vehicle, today was a different day altogether as the winner was being handed over his asset. The official presentation was attended by members of the media houses, Telone staff members including the company top brass and the winners of the talk, surf and win grand challenge promotion.

The function was held at Runhare Building, the Telone Managing Director Chipo Mtasa opened up the ceremony with a brief speech saying it’s their core mission to reach out and making sure that their clients enjoy the benefits of being part of the brand.The Telone boss also gave a congratulatory speech to both winners, and tipped them for the Telone ambassadorial role  in the communities they come from.

She also said “the winner must be the brand ambassador of Telone, go out there and tell others that Telone promotions are real and fair, and provides the best services that no one can offer in the communication industry locally.”

“We are different from other network providers in that we provide landline services which no other company is doing, and this service’s doesn’t allow you to falsely tell your position thus defeating the lying syndrome in mobile network business, she said  as the crowd got into a laughter.

After the speech, it was the moment which everyone has been waiting for, even the non-winners, the presentation of the Chevrolet to the winner Mr Greater Sibanda all the way from Gweru (Midlands Province).

The gentleman did not hide his joy, he actually exude his appreciation to the entire Telone personnel and thanked the Almighty God who made him the favoured winner amongst thousand participants. He expressed his joy in his mother language Ndebele, much to the amusement of the audience.
Also available on the event was the winner of Cape town air trip who also expressed his joy and appreciate the Telone initiative as a way of ploughing back to the communities they operate from.

TechnoMag had a video interview with the Grand Challenge Winner Mr Greater Sibanda, (Please note this is the complete video from the draw day to the car handover plus the interview with Telone MD

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